Since I’m just beginning to figure this all out, most of the resources will be targeting women like me. I’ll add more as I further explore what’s out there–gotta start somewhere.

If you have any recommendations, reach out at Thanks!

Audio & Video

Spectrumly Speaking
podcast from Haley Moss, an autistic attorney, and Dr. Lori Butts, a psychologist

invisible i
YouTube channel by Katy, a woman with a number of invisible illnesses

Yo Samdy Sam
YouTube channel by Sam, a woman diagnosed as an adult

Blogs & Other Online Resources

Actually Autistic Blogs List
a giant depot of blogs by actually autistic people, not just “experts”

Facebook Group (private):
Autistic/Divergent Woman Community

a private group, so no one outside can see you’re a member

Females and Aspergers: A Checklist
a surprisingly helpful list for exploring your autistic traits

Facebook Group (public):
Adult Autistic Spectrum Community

a public group for discussion, memes, and such

Aspie Quiz
Step right up and take the online quiz that freaked my shit out!