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Autism Book Shelf: Autism in Heels, and Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate

I’ve been building my spectrummy book collection, looking for some in-depth self-portraits from actually autistic people. The first two are both by autistic moms who were diagnosed as adults. I was worried about overlap at first, but as I devoured both of these books within a week, their experiences and styles support the adage: If … Continue reading Autism Book Shelf: Autism in Heels, and Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate

On Friendship

A lot of what I read about autism and relationships focuses on friendship: the lack of friends, the difficulty in making or keeping friends. I’d thought about it previously, but now it feels like something I should dig into… I have friends. And I think I’m a good friend–I try to be. I am a … Continue reading On Friendship

Ugh, Hugs

In the first episode of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, Matilda is asked for a hug by her half-brother and explains that she doesn’t like hugs. They’d made her dad happy so she learned to do them, but since he died she hoped she wouldn’t have to do them anymore. (Her substitution idea was to dance … Continue reading Ugh, Hugs

Re-examining My Suicide Through an Autism Lens

Oh, where to begin with the content/trigger warnings? Seriously, just an open, graphic recounting and examination of some pretty rough stuff ahead. The title should imply it all: talk of suicide, psychological issues, hospitalization… You can’t read this sort of thing without having some feelings about it, so feel free to walk away now. Still … Continue reading Re-examining My Suicide Through an Autism Lens

Second-Guessing My Memories

I just blew my own mind, so I’m sharing this with you in real time as I work through it. Bear with me. Both personally and professionally, I’ve written about plenty of social issues, but there are a few that I’ve consistently backed away from because I’ve never felt secure in my voice or position. … Continue reading Second-Guessing My Memories

Lost Girls Represent

In my research on neurodivergence, I’ve focused quite a bit on its presentation in girls/cis-women/XX/AFAB, because that’s what I was and am, even I haven’t experienced textbook gender roles. The term “The Lost Girls” keeps popping up, referring to girls born before experts started studying or identifying them as being on the spectrum. Even though … Continue reading Lost Girls Represent


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