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Lost Girls Represent

In my research on neurodivergence, I’ve focused quite a bit on its presentation in girls/women/XX, because that’s what I was and am, even I haven’t experienced textbook gender roles. The term “The Lost Girls” keeps popping up, referring to girls born before experts started studying or identifying them as being on the spectrum. Even though … Continue reading Lost Girls Represent

A Lifetime of Socially Acceptable Obsessions

Every once in a while, something happens and you’re allowed to be really focused on the news. It’s “current events,” after all–responsible adults respect those who are aware of what’s going on in the world. When there’s big news that affects your community, no one will think twice about you watching live feeds, keeping a … Continue reading A Lifetime of Socially Acceptable Obsessions


Last Friday I had to go in to the office, which was a little weird, since I’ve been working from home since March–it’s a COVID safety measure to reduce the number of people in the building, and I am A-OK with it. This trip to the office was for a meeting with a printer rep … Continue reading Businessing

Picky Eaters Forever!

I just finished my lunch, a bowl of plain quinoa with some vegan butter. I am fully aware that this is the modern version of buttered noodles and I am completely at peace with that. I have eaten well more than my–well, who’s to say what a fare share is anyway–of plain or buttered noodles … Continue reading Picky Eaters Forever!

A Bit of Limbo: Between Self-Assessment and Professional Diagnosis

It’s been about a month and a half since I took my first neurodiversity quiz and began researching autism, particularly in women. In one sense, I’m very comfortable with the “autism” label, like if a professional told me I am autistic with a side of OCD, I wouldn’t be upset. But at the same time, … Continue reading A Bit of Limbo: Between Self-Assessment and Professional Diagnosis

Numbers Part 1: Math

Sometimes I can tell a migraine is coming on when the world seems a little brighter and more colorful, sometimes there’s a nausea that seems tied to my head, and other times, I have an intense urge to count and roll loose change. I can find calm in dumping the change from my Darth Vader … Continue reading Numbers Part 1: Math


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